Memory foam mattresses are all the rage nowadays and lots of people are already pondering their second one. They like the way they sleep on the mattress but want to remedy a few of the drawbacks of their first purchase. In many cases the memory foam topper was either too thick or too thin and may have supplied a sinking sensation that caused extreme or excessive contact with the support layer developing a lot of pressure points. In other cases, the memory foam layer was not the appropriate density.

There are numerous locations online that allow you to order your latex mattress in parts and offer you the capability to switch mattress elements if they’re too soft or too hard, so you can construct it yourself. The stores might have a range of such mattresses from luxurious to firm, but they do not have the option for you to switch out one foam topper for a different one. Among the factors is that apart from the luxury models provided by Tempurpedic and other visco flexible foam makers that have mattresses with 3 or more layers, memory foam mattresses are usually basic affairs. There is a topper that is anywhere from 2 to 4 inches thick and a support foam layer that is greater then 5 inches in density. The range of option is usually limited to 2, luxurious and firm.

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Among the factors for visco flexible foam mattress choices being popular is that the sleep concept they are based upon is basic. Ninety percent of the advantage supplied by a memory foam mattress relates to the topper. This part is typically the only part that is technically made from memory foam product. The support foam beneath is simply to offer support and the quality of products used for this layer differs quite extensively depending upon mattress price and maker. This is because it just isn’t really that much of a direct factor towards the quality of sleep therefore most makers do not pay excessive focus on it. You will not find visco flexible foam mattress producers or dealers providing “do it yourself” mattresses, but if you decide to go the more traditional route you can find deals on pre-made mattresses at sites like.


That holding true, the very best way to craft a tailored memory foam mattress is to research all the foam toppers offered as best you can based upon what you already have. Once you get that topper you can typically peel away your existing unacceptable topper (although it will be laminated) from the support layer and put simply the new one on top of the fundamental foam. All you have to do is pack them back in your existing zippered mattress cover or get a new one and you’re great to go.